Martial Arts Programs Available In Indian Trail

Adult Jiu Jitsu

Take on the best Jiu Jitsu Classes in Indian Trail. We're helping complete beginners and experienced athletes enjoy this dynamic self-defense system and challenge themselves each and every day.

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Adult Kickboxing

Take on a total-body workout and see long-lasting results in no time. Our Kickboxing Classes in Indian Trail are perfect for all ages and experience levels. Take the first step or learn more today!

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Kids Kickboxing

Treat your child to the best Kids Kickboxing classes in Indian Trail. We use the world of traditional martial arts training to offer students skills like courage, communication, and so much more. Join us here at Art Of Motion Jiu Jitsu and see it all for yourself!

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Group Fitness

Our Group Fitness Classes in Indian Trail are perfect for men and women all across our community. We're offering a great total-body workout and an incredible support system that can help you find success in no time.

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Muay Thai

Take on the best striking skills in town with our Muay Thai Classes. We're helping Indian Trail burn fat, build strength, and learn how to defend against any threat using the art of 8 limbs.

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