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Kids Martial Arts Indian Trail

Large spacious facilities, friendly people in an ego free environment. If you want to be a world champion or just lose weight with the family they have programs that can help you achieve that.

This is probably one of the more diverse gyms I’ve seen while traveling and I feel that speaks to the special ownership and atmosphere that they’ve built here.

Check it out if you are in the area!

Karl K.

Kids Martial Arts Indian Trail

Professional quality instruction, attitude, and execution. This gym is built from a passion for teaching and learning and it shows. Aaron King cares that you get better, a prefect mix of encouragement and a push, to be your best. The students are super nice and friendly, you will instantly feel at home. Don't wait until you are "fit" to start training martial arts, this place will get you started in a supportive, fun environment. Most of the members have trained elsewhere, other arts, and know what makes a good learning/training environment. This is that place.

Jeff M.

Kids Martial Arts Indian Trail

Great atmosphere and instruction. If you are looking for a good time and some great Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, definitely check this place out.

Josh G.

Kids Martial Arts Indian Trail

This place is for people who want to learn without any hype, ego, or negativity. Aaron approaches jiu jitsu with a genuine love for the art, and a belief in having fun while sharpening his game. While it isn’t my home gym, I feel at home and treated like family right when I walk in. This is the good stuff, delivered by great people.

Dave S.

Kids Martial Arts Indian Trail

Beautiful school, friendly people who immediately made my family feel welcome. The school is unique and offers something for everyone!

Vanessa N.

Kids Martial Arts Indian Trail

Such a great opportunity! Great instructors, who are more than instructors- they understand the value in each individual- they become family quickly!! Whatever your interest or goal, they are here to help you achieve it! Can’t say enough good things!!

Meredith D.

Kids Martial Arts Indian Trail

The Greatest of all Martial Arts Facilities with the Greatest Instructor! Aaron King is so friendly, skilled, patient, and knowlegable! All of us that take his classes feel like this place is our 2nd home and everone there are our 2nd family. If you want Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, or just Cardio Classes, this is the place! They also offer weights, art classes, yoga, and Massage Therapy!

Garrett D.

Kids Martial Arts Indian Trail

Love working out here, Aaron does an amazing job of explaining thing 3 or 4 different ways so that everyone understands. I'm a step by step kind of learner and have to drill something 100 times for it to be natural. My wife needs to feel the move before she gets it, my kids are a combination of us and Aaron can work with all of us. The crew that trains there regularly are a huge combination of experience levels and everyone of them will work with anyone to help them learn. Open mats are an awesome community event with a number of visitors from other schools offering the chance to see things done a different way. If you're searching for a place to experience Jiu Jitsu check this place out, even if you don't stay it's a great place for an introduction.

Jay Z.

Kids Martial Arts Indian Trail

Aaron King is an amazing instructor who cares about his students. He has the ability to break down and explain Jiu Jitsu in a way that anybody can understand. Once you step foot on the mats at AoM you will immediately feel the positive energy that Aaron and his students bring! Once you take one class at AoM you will be hooked, so take my advice and come try it out for yourself.

Michael F.

Kids Martial Arts Indian Trail

Awesome experience and phenomenal instruction. The facilities are clean. There is a gym, yoga, and a common area. Murals artistically and strategically placed along the walls. One of many things I enjoy, to include overall atmosphere, and mat space. To much to list definitely recommended.

Michael S.

Kids Martial Arts Indian Trail

I have not had a chance Yet to visit his school .Aaron King came to our school and did a seminar in Wilkesboro he breaks everything down even a child could understand he has a great personality all around top shelf guy.

Bobby S.

Kids Martial Arts Indian Trail

Love AOM no better place for families to feel welcome and Kim and Aaron are amazing !!!

Bridget B.

Kids Martial Arts Indian Trail

Really great vibes from this place. Not much I can say, I just really enjoyed myself. Very humble & the DJ was awesome too


Kids Martial Arts Indian Trail

A beautiful school with an amazing instructor. It is very clean and there are separate locker rooms for men and women.

Carol O.

Kids Martial Arts Indian Trail

Awesome place with awesome people! What a great family atmosphere.

Jennifer F.

Kids Martial Arts Indian Trail

Top level instruction and atmosphere! Aaron’s passion for BJJ and Muay Thai is infectious. Do yourself a favor and check it out. You’ll be better for it.

Adam L.

Kids Martial Arts Indian Trail

Coach Aaron is not just a coach or instructor he has your best interest at heart he cares love this gym.

Joshua O.

Kids Martial Arts Indian Trail

Awesome place, great instructor, family atmosphere. Good vibes.

Chris B.

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