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Joshua Oxendine

Joshua Oxendine is a 27 year old professional fighter and retired Marine. He currently teaches the Friday morning Fitness and MMA Drills at Art of Motion and is part of the adult jiu jitsu program. He started training at 14 and picked up boxing and jiu jitsu when he was 20. He has fought in numerous MMA fights on the East coast and is currently a blue belt under Professor Aaron King. 

Josh and his wife recently opened their own boxing and functional gym in Charlotte, NC called OxFitness. Josh and his wife have 3 amazing young ladies, 2 of them also train boxing and jiu jitsu and his wife also does boxing and jiu jitsu.

Josh brings his positive energy to class and will help you reach your goals, whatever they may be! Art of Motion is very lucky to have a talented, hard working young man as an instructor and fighter.


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